About Louden Custom Drums


In a “drum shell” my passion for drums began at age 9.

I graduated from pots and pans and wooden spoons to an inexpensive snare drum in less than 1 year!  I had such an interest in drums that my father always made it a point to inform me when Buddy Rich appeared on the Tonight Show back in the ‘60’s.

As a kid I was quite intrigued by the sound of drums.  I dreamed of having a drum kit that produced the quality and sound that so captured my heart.

Most certainly my passion has not changed but intensified. With a focus towards excellent workmanship and quality sound I thrive at customizing drum kits to satisfy the drummer’s demands.

The truth of it all, it’s not “About LCD” but it’s really about YOU the drummer – your style, your sound, your aspirations, your look, your dream! The craftsmanship and design put into your LCD kit is the vision that resides in your heart. LCD just helps bring this out.  I will personally collaborate with you to develop your initial ideas and specifications into a final custom drum kit design. 

That’s my dream! What’s your drum dream?

Let LCD make your drum kit dream LOUD!