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Jazz, fusion, rock, funk, pop, hip-hop, country, or a blend...
Louden Custom Drums focuses on what the drummer's heart desires - a perfect fit.

With a vested interest of precision drum building, LCDrums brings a custom union between the drummer and the drum.

The pride and excellent workmanship put into each project produces the superior drum kit that drummers demand and professionals expect. All kits are built to order - truly the art of custom drum building.

Drum Kits

Pro Master Series
LCDrum's Pro Master is a five-ply shell series that offers deep, rich, warm tones and excellent sustain. This series is a particularly nice choice for both studio and live applications. With ultra-thin shells and light, low mass hardware, the Pro Master Series may be the ultimate choice for your drum playing experience!

The Pro Master series can also be custom built with 6, 8 or 10ply shells as well. This will yield slightly higher tonal voicing to the drum. Thinner drum shells resonate easier and generally lead to a very open sounding drum. Whereas thicker shelled drums are dryer sounding drums.

Pro Class Series
The Pro Class Series offers diverse voicing to each particular drum size. Pitch tones can be tailored to your desire by the ply thickness to each drum shell that is used. For instance, thicker ply shells are used on higher (smaller) toms, and thinner ply shells are used on larger diameter drums.

Thicker ply shells will increase the overall pitch, volume, and tone of smaller drums. A larger diameter with thinner ply shells emphasizes a drum's lower end spectrum of sound.

The Pro Class Series allows you to uniquely customize your dream kit to the distinct sound and style of your choice, making you stand out from the rest.

Solo Drumming

Short Stack
The Short Stack system comes with shallow shells that produce the sound needed to bring forth a great performance!

Featured sizes include:

  • Toms
    • 6x10
    • 7x12
    • 8x14
    • 9x16
  • Bass
    • 15x20
  • Snare
    • 4x14
    • 5x13

Custom sizes available by request! If you are constantly on the move and want to keep it simple, the Short Stack is the way to groove.