Drum Details


Whether your drumming is a hobby, part time or full time gigging, you owe it to yourself to have superior quality in your drum kit investment.

LCD builds drums with 100% North American Rock Maple shells. These shells are constructed in a cross-lamination design, which gives them the strength to endure the test of time. They excel in creating wider tonal ranges, greater frequencies and noticeable volume increases.

In a “Drum Shell”

Sizes include (diameter):

  • Snares - 10” – 14”
  • Toms - 6” – 20”
  • Bass - 18” – 28”

Depth sizes come in practically any dimension.

Ply’s (thickness)

  • Snares – 5 Ply – 50 Ply
  • Toms & Bass – 5 Ply – 10 Ply

LCD will provide any drumhead model from the following manufactures.

  • Aquarian
  • Attack
  • Evans
  • Remo

Bearing Edges

LCD applies a double 45% precision cut bearing edge to each drum shell. This step ensures proper placement of the drumhead on the shell and promotes better tonal values allowing you to find that “sweet spot” when tuning your drum. A solid bearing edge offers accuracy in tuning, longer sustain and volume.

All edges are hand waxed and polished for smooth and flexible movement of the drumhead when tuning.

Vintage Over Round and single bearing edges are available upon request for those classic sounds of the past – Beatles, Rolling Stones, CCR, etc.

Reinforcement Rings

Reinforcement rings are applied to the inside edge of all LCD shells.

The benefit of rings adds strength to the shell and promotes sound bearing edges which ultimately transfers sound to the instrument. This allows for wider pitch tone ranges when tuning.

The effect that reinforcement rings have on drum sound is somewhat mysterious, controversial and often misunderstood. Some seem to believe that they dampen resonance and raise the shells pitch. As this may be true when studied in a physics class, keep in mind the human ear seldom detects some of these subtle effects of sound. When used on thin shells for the purpose of solid bearing edges while maintaining structural consistency, their effect on sound can hardly be viewed as negative. LCD recommends their use on most 5 ply and larger diameter 6 ply shells for stability and strength.

Rings can be excluded if preferred.

Snare Bed

One of the most important, and sometimes neglected, aspects of a snare drum is the snare bed. A properly and precision cut snare bed distinguishes a superior snare drum to an average. LCD accomplishes this by a process of cutting a gradual shallow cut on the bearing edge where the snare wire straps cross. When the drumhead (snare side) is installed and tuned it forms a “bow” effect to the center of the head. Then as the snare wire is tightened it comes in contact with the center of the head creating equal contact with the rest of the head. This produces a uniform snare sound while eliminating those unwanted “buzzing snare wire” sounds. The precision and workmanship LCD puts into this process, along with the rest of the construction of the drum, is what brings forth a superior sounding snare drum!


LCD signature kits can be finished in a wide array of styles. Natural wood grain finishes of satin, oil and lacquer as well as the endless selection of available wraps. Wrap selections come in a huge spectrum of colors and patterns from mild to wild! Whether it is perils, sparkles, glass glitters, satins or exotic patterns LCD can make it happen!

Simply put, LCD is committed to bring reality to the masterpiece painted on the canvas of your soul.

Hardware stuff

Triple Flanged Rims

Heavy duty 2.3 mm. triple flanged rims (counter hoops) are standard on all Louden Custom Drums. These rims are capable of holding up to the most aggressive and hard playing drummers.

Die Cast Rims

Die cast rims are also available. They are heavier and tend to yield a clearer and crisper tone.

Wooden hoops

100% maple rims are available. They are light weight, but very rigid.

7/8” wide, rounded on top and 1 3/16 overall height.

Suspended Rim Mounts

Suspended rim mounts allow the drum shell to vibrate freely and naturally to its full potential—bringing forth uniform resonating frequencies while enhancing the overall voicing of the instrument.

Tom Mounts

Tom mounts can be installed upon request.

Tom mounts can restrict the shell from vibrating naturally and hinder resonating drum tone qualities. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It is simply the personal choice of each individual drummer’s style and taste.

All hardware comes in chrome, brass (gold) or black.

Powder coating is also available upon request.